Clay Brick

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Lee Brick is a local manufacturer with superior quality supplies and product inventory. Lee Brick and EastWest Products can make your building look spectacular. 

We stock the following Lee Brick on our yard:

  • Hatteras

  • Watermark

  • Franklin

  • Prestonwood

Belden Brick

As one of our larger producers, Belden Brick's has a lot of options including brick and clay pavers.  See Belden's selections below:

Summitville Collage.png
Summitville Brick

Summitville Brick specializes in thin brick and tile units. See their many options and styles in the link below.


Glazed Brick are extruded clay, ceramic glazed masonry units for wall applications, structural walls, partition walls, multi-wythe walls or veneers. The ceramic finish is available in many custom colors, and the units offer a durable, permanent, non-fading wall system that has an impervious ceramic glazed face with a high abuse tolerance against impact, abrasion and graffiti.